Tattoo Artist Nice

Tatoueur Nice spécialisé dans le dotwork et blackwork, projets professionnels et personnalisés.

Tattoo artist Nice

Buro 125 is a tattoo shop located in Nice. This tattoo artist uses the technique of dotwork or point by point which remains the hallmark of the workshop and allows to obtain black and gray tattoos with strong contrasts and unparalleled finesse. The technique makes it possible to highlight the art of tattooing and to create realistic, traditional or graphic pieces. Buro 125 offers a wide range of tattoo style. To realize a professional project is quite within reach of this artist. Breaking the course of his first permanent tattoo is not an easy task, we are here to guide you in your steps and of course make the right choice. For women who have had breast cancer it is also possible to make a recovery of scar or nipple replenishment.As far as unsuccessful tattoos are concerned, we also make recoveries.To find your nice tattoo artist, head to the contact section!

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